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2-Days 1:1 Blogging Workshop for Beginners

Have you ver realized the beginning is the hardest when you want to start anything? That’s true. But for blogging, if you want to get started, you can join me in this 2-day workshop and I will help you cross the hardest START.

Lakshmi Manogna - Workshop Coach

1:1 Blogging Workshop for Beginners (2 Days)

Welcome to Design and Pen!

I appreciate your decision to start a blog. Starting a blog is exciting, but let's admit, it can be confusing at first.

Many beginners, like you, might feel stuck, not knowing what to write or finding it tough to get noticed.

Even keeping a consistent routine can be a bit of a challenge when you're just starting. Also, apart from writing great content, promoting it and bringing traffic to your blog is another challenge.

So, you may think what is the solution?

The main aim is to tackle these common issues. Figuring out your goals, and niche and beating writer's block.

Also, the next step will be to stand out from the crowd without feeling lost in the online crowd.

Finally, you should produce high-quality content consistently.

This may sound too much for you. Don’t worry, starting is the hardest part at any time.

That’s where my blogging workshop will help you. Now, what makes this workshop special?

Why Me?

Why me

I'm a full-time employee working at Amazon since 2017. During these years, I felt something was missing as I did not have a proper passion. Fast forward to 2021, I realized my passion for writing and design. Based on this, I decided to start a blog. Initially, I created a blog on my own. But that was not successful as I did not have proper guidance. At that time, my blog was just a full set-up without content, strategy, or a clear niche. Finally, in 2023, I re-started my blog, and this time with the help of a mentor.

Now, my blog has:

  • A niche in my passion
  • Clear direction and strategy to earn from my blog
  • Support that I can trust

That is the power when you have proper guidance and support when you are a beginner. Hence, with my experience, now I’d like to support beginners like you and help you get started on the journey you are passionate about.

2 Days Blogging Workshop Syllabus

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Day 1 - Blogging Foundation

1. Introduction and Goal Setting
      • Welcome and Icebreaking Session
           • Introduction of Workshop Participants
           • Establishing a Comfortable Environment

      • Defining Your Blogging Goals (Aspirations)
           • Understanding the Need for Goal-Setting
           • Identifying the Blogging Objectives

2. Finding Your Blogging Niche
      • Understanding the Concept of a Niche
          • Explanation of Niche Markets in Blogging
           • Examples and Successful Case Studies

      • Identifying Suitable Niches for Your Blog
           • Brainstorming Activities in Finding a Niche
           • Techniques for Niche Research and Evaluation

3. Domain Name and Identity
      • Selecting a Domain Name in Your Niche
           • Importance of a Memorable Domain Name
           • Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name

      • Demo: Buying a Domain Name & Web Hosting
           • Overview of Domain Registration Process
           • Introduction to Web Hosting Platforms

4. Getting Started in Blogging Setup
      • WordPress Installation Via CPanel
           • Logging into the CPanel of the domain
           • Installation Process of WordPress

      • WordPress Blog Setup Process
           • Theme installation and setup
           • Plugin installation and setup

Day 2 - Setting up Your Blog

1. WordPress Navigation
      • Showing the WordPress software
           • Navigating the WordPress Dashboard
           • Understanding and customizing site settings

      • Highlighting the themes & plugins
           • Factors to consider when choosing a theme
           • Step-by-step guide on installing plugins

2. Setting up the Blogging Workspace
      • Blog foundational page setup
          • Understanding home page design strategies
           • Demonstrating theme & page builders

      • Social Media account Creation
           • Tips for optimizing profiles for professionalism
           • Integrating them with your blog & optimizing

3. Strategy Planning for Blogging
      • Ideas Fetching & Keyword Research
           • Methods for generating blog content ideas
           • Introduction to keyword research

      • Content writing and calendar preparation
           • Tips for creating compelling blog posts
           • Understanding the role of a content calendar

4. Setting Goals & Time Management
      • Understanding your blogging goals
           • Incorporating personal interests into goals
           • Distinguishing long & short-term goals

      • Creating a schedule for blogging activities
           • Time Blocking Techniques for Blogging Tasks
           • Balancing work-life-blog balance strategies

What You Will Get in this Workshop?

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  1. A clear understanding your WHY behind the reason for you to start a blog.
  2. A niche from your passion.
  3. WordPress Installation and Setup.
  4. WordPress theme and plugin installation.

By the end of this workshop, you will have learnt about:

  • Blogging niche
  • Installing WordPress
  • Backend procedure
  • Managing your blogging with daily life

Shall I Start Blogging Now?

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Am I Eligible to Become a Blogger?

If you want to continue your blogging journey, you can purchase domain name, hosting and WordPress theme from my referral links.

The benefit you will get for me are:

  • 1:1 session (weekly once)
  • Life time support in blogging
  • Help with KW research
  • Help with content calendar preparation
  • Help with doing on page SEO


Get a .com Domain Name


Buy a Shared Web Hosting


Purchase a WordPress Theme

Because, these 3 are your important assests which helps you to get started with blogging. Think of these as an initial investment for your professional blogging business.

I am excited to see you at my workshop.

All the best & Happy Learning.