Choosing Between Blogging and YouTube: 7 Key Factors

Are you worried about choosing between blogging and YouTube as your side hustle and unable to decide?

If you are here, you are probably stuck while choosing the same.

Well, you are at the right place. In this article, I will share 7 factors to consider before finalizing your opinion about both channels in detail.

These are useful to assess your current situation and the challenges you might face ahead in your journey.

Both Blogging and YouTube are great options for full-time/side hustle. They are very flexible, and one can work from their comfort.

In my previous article, I have shared about both channels in detail with monetization options.

Before jumping straight into the factors, check my previous article for a basic understanding of the two side hustles.

For now, let us fix this puzzle together by answering a few questions.

Shall we?

choosing between blogging and youtube

Which is Better for me – Blog or YouTube?

It is a common question that many individuals have when considering their side hustle or full-time work.

There are some best practices for blogging and YouTube.

Let me give you more details of which option might be better for different groups of people:

  1. Students
    If you are a student, blogging often be the most suitable choice. Because it is flexible, you can write and publish articles during your free time.

    Blogging also aligns well with your academic schedule. Additionally, being camera-shy or lacking the appropriate equipment can make vlogging challenging for some students.
  2. Housewives
    Both Blogs and YouTube are suitable options for housewives. But the decision often depends on your personal goals and preferences.

    Starting a blog can offer a platform to share your expertise or insights. On the other hand, by sharing video content on YouTube, you can demonstrate your skills, share recipes, offer lifestyle tips, and many more.
  3. Freelancers
    Freelancers can choose between both mediums. However, when you do not have much time due to tight project deadlines, blogging is the best option keeping in mind the benefits of hosting your own blog.

    Maintaining a successful YouTube channel demands significant time investment, which could conflict with meeting the client’s demands correctly.
  4. Full-Time Employees
    If you have a full-time job, you can choose between blogging and YouTube based on your interests. While both platforms allow for flexible content creation, starting a blog is easy and can adapt to a busy work schedule.

    Engaging in video production and editing might be challenging if you are trying to balance a demanding job.

7 Key Factors – Choosing Between Blogging and YouTube

Blog and YouTube are so popular as they have their own set of requirements. Many businesses use both these options to reach a wider audience and for that, you need to find a niche.

Although, this is not suitable for beginners in my opinion. Because it is a long-term journey to go to a certain level, it requires your time and effort.

You can do both if you prefer. But get started with one, and once you gain some experience, you can slowly work on the other.

Now that we have sorted out who might rock at blogging and who might ace YouTube.

Let us dig into the real deal: the 7 big things that shape your choice between Blogging and YouTube.

Think of these like your personal GPS for this adventure. I gave you some starting points earlier, but these factors are like the secret map that helps you decide confidently.

Before starting a blog vs YouTube, the main step is to focus on WHY. Why do you want to start? What you want to achieve from it.

Once you have an answer, the rest will fall into place. I chose to go with blogging and make it my second income source.

But how did I know which is a better side hustle for me? In this case, I had a few questions and tried to answer them by being true to myself.

Answering this way is crucial as you get your true self out here. Let your thoughts flow, and do not filter any of your answers right away.

Do not worry, I have got you covered. So, before you start making your decision, let us break down these 7 factors in simple terms so that you are ready to pick what suits your style and goals.

Come, let me take you through my process, and you also answer the questions along with me.

1. Am I Comfortable Being on the Camera?

Let us be real – A camera can be a bit of a mixed feeling for many of us. I have never been a fan of being in front of the lens, especially when it comes to video.

Does this mean I am camera-shy in general? Not really! I love snapping pictures and capturing moments that are a different story.

As a content creator, though, there is video content. Yeah, it is important sometimes. Now, here is where it gets interesting.

I can start small by getting comfy with the camera through social media. You know, the baby steps away.

But here is the twist: Some YouTubers do not even show their faces on camera. They have got these creative ways to share stuff without actually being, well, ‘on-screen.’

Also, not everyone feels like a natural superstar in front of the camera like me. It can feel weird and awkward.

Making a video takes time, like in real-time. Shooting, editing, and trying not to blink too much is a whole production.

And the important thing is consistency. If you are camera-phobic, it is hard to follow a video schedule.

Finally, being ‘camera-ready’ is not always easy. Lighting, makeup (if you are into that), looking presentable – it is a whole thing.

So, Blog or YouTube? For me, the answer is crystal clear: blogging. The camera stuff is not on my plate and that is okay.

My message is what matters most. If you are not into the camera world either, do not worry.

Blogging lets your words shine without worrying about perfect lighting or saying ‘um’ a million times.

2. Does my Environment Support?

Environment plays a significant role in any case. I am a new mom and let us face it, My baby keeps me pretty busy.

I have the baby soundtrack in the background – all the cries and coos that come with it.

So, imagine this: recording a YouTube video with a little one who demands attention like a mini-celebrity. Yeah, it is not the easiest.

But to ask family or friends to help me out is not something I can easily do. So, if I think of YouTube, it is basically mission impossible.

But wait, there is a bright side. Blogging is like my secret superpower. The environment game is not a deal-breaker here.

Whether I am in a nursery, the kitchen, or juggling toys, writing is a doable one. It is like my thoughts can run wild while I handle baby duty.

And here is the best part – my niche does not scream ‘video!’ Words are my thing, and guess what?

They do not care if there is a baby soundtrack in the background. So, let us answer the big question:

Does my environment shout ‘Go for YouTube’? Nope. Does it whisper ‘Hey, Blogging might just be your cup of tea? Absolutely!

Remember, life’s scenes change, and so do our priorities. Choose what works for you now. In my world, the blog is the winner.

3. What Skills Do I Already Have?

Let us talk skills – those things we are good at. Me? I have a soft spot for words. Writing feels right like I am having a chat with a friend.

See, I got this skill already thanks to my interest and journaling habit. So, here is the deal: Blogging is my thing. It perfectly matches what I like and what I am good at.

If I pick it, I can work on finetuning my writing to sound all pro and polished. Sounds good, right? Plus, I can start right away.

But then, YouTube is making things a bit complicated. Remember, I am not the camera’s biggest fan.

Getting comfy on video might need a ton of time and effort, and it is like learning a whole thing.

So, here is where I stand. Right now, I am vibing with my blog, where my writing skill is my superhero.

I can jump right in and make it work. With YouTube, it is like stepping into a new world of skills – like posture, editing, and even talking in front of the camera without sounding like a robot.

When it comes to blogging, it is only about writing. I have to work on my Grammar, making sense, and keeping the English flowing – that’s the deal.

So, if you are like me and writing’s your thing, blogging is like coming home. But YouTube is like a whole set of skills waiting for you.

Remember, skills can grow, but starting with what you are comfortable with? That’s the real magic.

4. How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel?

Now, let us talk money. Starting up with blogging and YouTube does not have to break the bank.

Here are the things you need to get started:

For YouTube

Your trusty smartphone is your best friend here. It has a camera that can work wonders. And if you want to level up, you can grab a microphone, some lighting, or a tripod, all without spending too much.

Online shopping’s got your back, and prices are pretty friendly. Remember, as you go big, you can always get fancier equipment or cool video editing tools.

But for the starting line? Your smartphone is the champ.

For Blogging

Alright, let us shift gears to blogging. There are a few things you need in your blogging toolbox:

  • Domain Name: This is like your online address. You have both free and paid options here.
  • Web Hosting: Think of it like your blog’s home on the internet. There are choices out there, so you are in control.
  • Blogging Platform: This is like the engine that powers your blog. You can choose from free and paid options available.
  • A Theme: Think of it as your blog’s outfit. You can go free or opt for a nice premium look.

Speaking from my heart, my pick is WordPress. It is like a super useful tool for bloggers.

And the best thing version is free. But if you want those fancy templates, you might need to go out of budget a bit.

So, whichever may be your option, just think about what you need and go from there.

5. Do I Want Complete Ownership?

If we are working so hard to create content for ourselves, who does not like to have complete ownership of their content?

Though we are making our videos, YouTube has all the right to remove our content at any time.

Each video should align with the policies they have. If such a thing happens, we will lose our content and an income source too.

And our hard work goes in vain since there is no guarantee for our content. In blogging, if you choose a platform where you do not have complete ownership, the same happens as YouTube here too.

So, if I am creating content by working hard, I want to have complete ownership. This option is available with a self-hosted platform.

Therefore, even if it requires some technical knowledge to learn and operate WordPress, I want to choose this as my platform and am willing to learn.

6. What are the Monetization Options While Choosing Between Blogging and YouTube?

At some point or other, I want to earn money from my side hustle Blogging, or YouTube. I think it is better to know what are the options we have before making a decision.

By this, we will have a clear picture of our end goal and be ready for the same. If not right from the beginning, we may start earning gradually with the monetization these channels have.

So, let us see a few options for both of them.

Options for Blogging

  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Membership or Subscription Services

    Options for YouTube
  • YouTube Partner Program (YPP)
  • Channel Membership
  • Merchandise Shelf
  • Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships
  • YouTube Premium Revenue

By carefully analyzing all the options, you can start with the basic one in the beginning.

Gradually based on your goals, needs, and interests, you always have an option to try others as well.

7. Who am I Competing With?

The last factor is Competition. Yes, right. It is better to research what our fellow bloggers/YouTubers are doing related to our niche already.

After that, we should carefully understand them and see what is working and what is not. Analyze what they could do better, and implement that into your strategy.

By doing all this before itself, you will have a clear idea and all the weapons you need to start your battle. Now, let us chat about some of the pros out there.

You might see some popular bloggers/YouTubers already. These folks are like the kings and queens of their zones.

You just pick a couple that you enjoy – ones whose stuff makes you feel like you are in a whole new place when you read their articles or watch their YouTube videos.

Those could be your favorites. It is all up to you and what you are into. But remember, you are not here to copy.

It is all about learning from their moves and then adding your uniqueness.

A Quick Tip for You

Here is a little secret. Do not just stick to the big names. Look around in your corner of the internet. Hidden Gems are doing awesome stuff. And you can soon be one of them.

So, go ahead and take some notes. It is like having a bunch of mentors helping you rock your own thing.

You are on the path to shining bright in your niche. Go for it!

Why did I Choose Blogging as my Side Hustle?

Here is the thing: When choosing between blogging and YouTube, I thought writing was my strength. It is like hanging out with an old friend for a coffee. It also lets me connect with people, share my thoughts, and generate extra income.

Now, let us be real. Videos? It does not work for me. Being on camera is not my cake, and that is perfectly fine.

I can be me with blogging – words, thoughts, and all. Plus, my busy mom’s life? It fits right in.

Also, it gives me the freedom to write whenever and wherever, even with a little one in hand. So, my choice is clear. Blogging is where my heart is.

It matches my skills, my vibe, and my crazy schedule. And you know what? Your choice is just as special.

Whether it is a blog, vlogging, or something else entirely, what matters most is that it fits you like your favorite pair of jeans.

Conclusion – Choosing Between Blogging and YouTube

Finally, those are all the questions I had answered to clear my confusion.

So, I may not be very comfortable with the camera. Slowly, I will also start creating video content.

This will be useful in so many ways apart from YouTube. Based on these factors, I decided to go with Blogging as my side hustle and do it now.

And you may ask, cannot I do both at a time? I can do that. But, my situation does not allow me to do it, and I am not willing to while choosing between blogging and YouTube.

Although I started with blogging, I will slowly try other options too. There is no harm in trying and experimenting. Each of them has their own set of challenges.

Blogging demands consistent writing and search engine optimization efforts, while YouTube requires video production skills and regular engagement to build a subscriber base.

Ultimately, your decision should align with your strengths, goals, and the time you can commit. But carefully analyzing all the 7 factors and finding the genuine answers will lead you to your correct destination.

I hope my situation, my point of view, and my answers gave you some ideas and inspiration to prioritize work-life balance.

Without delaying any further, work on your analysis. I know you can.

Best of luck and Happy side hustling!


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