How Do I Attract People to My Blog: My Personal Experience

If you have been asking yourself, ‘How do I attract people to my blog?’ and feeling like writing to an empty room, this post is for you.

The truth is, you are not alone. I can hear you, my friend. You put your heart into crafting the perfect article, hit publish, and nothing happens—no comments, shares, or anything.

— Initially, when I started my blog, no one knew about it as I did not tell anyone that I blog, not even my husband.

I started suddenly out of my passion. Once I published my first blog post, I was so excited, but nothing changed. It was like throwing a party, and no one showed up.

But the sad part is that a few bloggers who spend many months blogging still cannot attract more readers.

Later, I realized that many bloggers feel invisible on the internet. But here is the thing: even the most popular bloggers, the ones with thousands of readers, started in that same quiet room.

So, what is their secret? How did they go from zero to hero in the blogging world?

attract people to my blog

In this post, I will share 5 simple yet powerful ways to attract people to your blog. However, these are not just any old tips but the process I used in my initial stages of blogging.

And the best part? You need not be tech-savvy or a marketing guru to use them. Just a bit of effort and a sprinkle of patience are required.

By the end of this post, you will have a clear roadmap for turning your quiet blog into an engaging hub for readers.

So, please make yourself comfortable with your favorite beverage, and let us dive in.

Reasons Your Blog Might Be Struggling to Attract Readers

Before getting into the solutions, you need to understand the problem first. Once you know the reasons, it will be so easy for you to adjust your strategies.

For this reason, I will share my 3 most significant problems that initially held me back. Thus, you will know which mistake is stopping you from getting readers.

So, your journey from blogging silently to attracting a crowd of eager readers starts here!

1. Lack of SEO Optimization

In my initial days of blogging, I completely ignored SEO as I felt it was a technical aspect. Although I did not pay much attention, I focused on writing my blog correctly.

The worst part? This mistake cost me more than I thought. Search engines play a main role in getting you to the right audience.

So, optimizing for SEO cannot be ignored. Taking one step at a time helped me learn how to optimize for SEO, do keyword research properly, and understand its benefits.

For this reason, even your content might be top-notch, but if search engines can’t find it, neither can your audience.

Hence, your blog posts won’t rank in search results without proper keyword research, on-page optimization, and a solid backlinking strategy.

2. Inconsistent or Infrequent Posting

Initially, I could not focus on multiple aspects of blogging at once, such as optimizing for SEO and creating engaging visuals.

And I have never written professional articles before. So, I solely focused on improving my writing because I started my blog out of my passion for writing through everyday journaling.

While I tried to manage my blog along with my full-time job and tiny baby, I barely published only 1 article in the beginning for two months.

In the third month, I published two articles. This inconsistency made me think about how to get more blog readers. On the other hand, I was so happy that I was progressing in my posting schedule.

Also, I started to incorporate more aspects into my blog posts—optimizing them for SEO, creating visuals, formatting, and more.

Thus, I realized that focusing on everything at once may be challenging in the beginning until I get hands-on experience. But the best part is that I did not stop experimenting with and implementing my strategies.

Now, I quickly post one blog post per week and have incorporated blogging into my life by sticking to this schedule.

So, the readers and search engines favor blogs that publish consistently. Initially, it is okay until you learn and settle down.

But if your posting schedule is inconsistent or you go weeks without new content even after that, you will struggle to build a loyal readership or gain the trust of search engines.

3. Poor Promotion and Marketing

I cannot tell you enough about how shy I am. This is a reason that stopped me from promoting my blog post.

But, it is tough for people to know if I do not speak about my blog. Also, I struggled initially because of fear of judgment and what people would think of me.

Thus, I thought about crossing this barrier and starting somewhere. Initially, I just used to just share my blog post links on social media.

Then, I realized that just sharing links was one of the worst content marketing strategies. At that point, I genuinely started creating content on social media about blogging to solve my audience’s problem.

poor promotion and marketing

Eventually, this process helped me gain a few followers and establish an online presence. At the same time, I could easily relate their problems and solutions to my blog.

In addition, people visited my blog to see how it benefits them and gradually became readers.

Finally, “if you build it, they will come” does not apply to blogging. Without active promotion on social media, email newsletters, or guest posting, your blog remains a hidden gem that only a few will discover.

The Good News: You Can Turn This Around

Despite these challenges, there is hope. Many successful bloggers started with zero or less traffic.

The key is that you need to understand the challenges in your blogging journey. Then, implement proven strategies to attract more people to your blog.

Don’t Give Up: Every Big Blogger Started Small

You may be wondering how I attract people to my blog. But guess what? Even the big bloggers you look up to start just like you.

Take Neil Patel, for example. His blog gets millions of visitors now. Only around 100 people visited in his early days of blogging. You can also research any other blogger you admire or who is in your niche.

These are not rare stories but real examples. The main reason for their success is that they did not quit.

Like the challenges I discussed in the previous section, you need to understand what works for you, fix what does not, and keep going.

Gradually, this process will turn your quiet blogs into busy ones by determining how to attract the right people to visit.

And that’s what you’ll learn now from my real-life experience.

5 Tested and Tried Ways to Get More People for Your Blog

Till now, you have seen my challenges with not optimizing for SEO, inconsistent posting schedule, and not promoting my blog enough.

Also, you can get more readers by being consistent and putting your efforts into adjusting your strategies.

So, let me tell you what worked for me in adjusting my strategies rather than the standard tips you get on the internet.

1. Help People on Quora and Reddit

my quora profile

In addition to my blog, I started creating content on social media, taking things slow. Being active on popular platforms like Quora and Reddit helped me a lot.

Being on these platforms is necessary to gain an online presence and let people know you exist.

Here, instead of dropping my blog links, I helpfully answer people’s concerns related to blogging and SEO to attract people to my blog.

This way, eventually, people started checking my blog and finding my answers useful.

It’s been a year since I joined Quora, and I have gained around 6,700 content views so far.

I hope this gives you an idea of how these platforms can help you boost your audience.

Finally, if you do not have this strategy yet, I highly recommend incorporating it. But remember to genuinely try to answer people’s questions and promote your blog.

Just promoting with links does not help, and you will not be able to gain your audience’s trust.

2. Turn Words into Pictures: People love them

If you know me by now, I love designing, and I create images for my blog and social media on my own. Adding visuals is one great way to attract people.

Do you remember saying at the beginning of this article that I did not use images in my blog? As soon as I got comfortable with writing, I focused on the visual side of blogging.

my instagram visual samples

Infographics and carousels have become my favorite ways to attract people to my blog. I used this strategy whenever I posted a blog involving lists, making one infographic post on social media to give a gist of my article.

In this way, people get a glance and visit the blog to learn more information.

Similarly, you can use relevant visuals in your blog posts to break down complex information because the audience is attracted to easily understandable images.

Finally, you can start creating visual content on social media and linking it to your blog. Thus, your social media audience can help your blog gain traction.

3. Know Your Ideal Reader

Now, my story will tell you what I mean. My friend Mithila and I both started blogs about our experiences in the blogging world.

I decided to focus on helping beginners like me, those struggling with the basics of SEO, get their blogs noticed.

Then, I spent a week reading comments on popular blogging sites and beginner forums. I noticed everyone was asking things like, “Why isn’t my blog showing up on Google?” or “How do I get people to read my posts?” or “How do I optimize blog posts for SEO?”

So, I started writing super simple guides on choosing the right blogging platform, on-page blog SEO tips, and promoting blog posts on social media. Soon, new bloggers were coming to my site for easy-to-follow advice.

know your ideal reader

But Mithila? She tried covering everything—advanced SEO tactics, web design tips, and even advanced monetization strategies—because she thought covering more would attract more readers.

Instead, her blog felt overwhelming for beginners and too basic for experts, and no one group connected with it.

The key lesson here is to know exactly who you are writing for. When you understand your ideal reader’s struggles and questions, you can create content that truly speaks to them.

— Focusing on beginner bloggers made my own journey so much more rewarding. I grew as they grew, and we learned together.

Your blog will grow faster and have a more engaged audience when you are the go-to place for a specific type of reader rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

When you try to write for everyone, you often end up pleasing no one. Write just for your audience. They will love your blog and tell their friends about it.

4. Make Your Blog Fast and Easy to Use

When I first started blogging, my site was super slow. It took forever to load, especially on phones; thus, I could not attract people to my blog.

— My visitors would click on my posts and leave before reading them, and I was losing readers constantly.

Because most blog readers are mobile users, I ensured that my blog loaded quickly, in 2-3 seconds. I also focused on visuals and formatting, as it should look good on phones, which more people use nowadays.

Moreover, if your blog is slow, looks bad on phones, or is confusing, people leave before reading. So, you must ensure your blog loads quickly and looks good on phones.

This is the strategy you should follow. If you do this, people will stay on your blog longer and keep coming back. It is like having a clean, welcoming store – people want to stay and shop!

5. Write Titles That Make People Click

Initially, I thought my content was the only thing that mattered. I would spend hours crafting the perfect post about blog SEO tips or beginner blogging advice.

— But then, hardly anyone would read it! I was totally confused. Why weren’t people clicking on my posts?

That is when I realized my titles were the problem. They were boring, like “How to Do SEO” or “Blogging Tips for Beginners.”

These titles did not give people any reason to click. Moreover, those titles didn’t spark curiosity or promise any specific value.

Thus, I realized that the title is the first (and sometimes only) thing people see. It is like a colorful sign and hook for your blog post.

To make my titles Irresistible, here is what I did:


1. Use Power Words

  • Words like “proven,” “secret,” “ultimate,” or “surprising” grab attention.

Example: Change “blogging tips for busy moms” to “5 proven hacks that helped me to stay consistent being a busy mom.”

2. Make Them Curious

  • Use titles that make readers think, “I need to know this!”

Example: “The Blogging Mistake I Made That Cost Me 1000 Readers (And How I Fixed It)”

3. Promise Clear Value

  • Let readers know what they’ll gain.

Example: “How to Write Blog Posts That Convert Readers into Subscribers”

4. Use Numbers

  • People love lists. Numbers stand out in titles.

Example: “7 Must-Know SEO Basics for New Bloggers”

5. Keep It Simple

  • Use words your target audience (beginner bloggers) will easily understand.


After I started using these tips, my click-through rates increased. More clicks mean more readers and engagement—and that’s how your blog grows!

Create titles that grab attention and show the value of your post. Finally, remember that even great blog posts can go unread if the title doesn’t make people want to click.

Final Thoughts

We have finally reached the end of this article, and I hope you now understand how I attract people to my blog.

If you are a newbie blogger or have been blogging for months, generating little to no traffic, this roadmap is for you.

So, if you carefully observe the experience I shared earlier, the process I follow is as follows:

  • Maintain an idea bank and keep collecting topic ideas related to your niche
  • Set the sequence of the articles to publish for a month or two
  • Start doing the keyword research and save it as your content calendar
  • Prepare content outlines for your posts in advance
  • Blog post optimization is a must, especially for mobile readers
  • Start learning basic SEO strategies and implement
  • Create content on social media to promote your content
  • Do not ignore email list building – this builds the connection with your readers

Remember, every successful blogger started where you are now. Keep learning, keep applying, and your blog will grow.

Finally, you must be consistent and willing to learn and adapt to new, evolving strategies. Thus, following this process will help you reach more people who genuinely want your content.

Now that you know how important it is to find your niche and audience, if you want to find your niche from your passion or rework it, these niche-finding steps can help.

And hey, if you’ve found this post helpful, why not share it with another aspiring blogger? Together, we can make the blogging world less intimidating for beginners!


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