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Write for us: DesignandPen is accepting Guest Posts

Are you a content writer? Designandpen welcomes you to write a guest post and showcase your skills.

Become a part of our community by contributing your voice to us.

At DesignandPen, we value a variety of perspectives and unique voices. If you contribute to our platform, you can show your voice to a wider audience and connect with like-minded individuals.

On the other hand, you can also become a part of our community filled with readers who are passionate about blogging.

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Categories We Accept

  • Tips on Blogging
  • Career Advice
  • Blogging Strategies
  • Design Principles
  • Design Tips and Practices

Benefits You’ll Get

  • Article shared on our social media platforms.
  • More Reach and Engagement.
  • Connecting with Fellow Bloggers and Writers.
  • Your Guest post will establish you as an authority in your niche.

Guidelines for Quality Guest Posts

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1. Content Quality

  1. Neatly describe the whole article by mainly focusing on the subject without deviating.
  2. 100% original content is preferred without any plagiarism.
  3. Incorporate relevant images wherever needed and at least 2-3 is recommended.
  4. Please place high-quality backlinks based on your niche.
  5. Business owners and Entrepreneurs can write about their journey, and success stories with appropriate screenshots/proofs to gain trust.

2. Content Length

  1. The blog article should have a minimum of 2500 words and can vary accordingly around the topic.
  2. Content should in in-depth enough.
  3. You should be able to include at least 3-4 of our blog's related internal links.
  4. Break down any lengthy paragraphs using bullet points or lists if necessary.
  5. Neat presentation is mandatory.

3. Affiliate Links

  1. No affiliate links are allowed in our guest posts. Instead, you can use your blog post links when needed.

4. Copyright

  1. By submitting the article, you give us full ownership of the copyright to deal with DMCA issues.
  2. It is up to DesignandPen's sole discretion whether or not to publish, reorganize, move, or even remove any articles.
  3. If you are suspected of republishing articles that have already been published on DesignandPen, we will immediately remove the article.


  1. Please respond to the comments below your post to assist our readers and build a community.
  2. Please send the author BIO along with the article if you require it at the bottom. (Not more than 1 – 2 lines)

6. Article Publication and Updation

  1. We will recheck your article's language, tone, and plagiarism after receiving it.
  2. If we require any edits, you will be contacted via email and the article will be published after our checks are done.
  3. To update the guest articles at least every 90 days, we shall contact you on your registered email ID.
  4. Our policy is to either unpublish and/or remove the article if we do not receive any responses within 48 hours of receipt.

How to Apply?

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  1. Please send us a brief outline of the article/topic you want to write and how it is relevant and useful for our audience.
  2. Are you ready to share your unique voice? Click below to apply now.
  3. It is our pleasure to have your valuable contributions at DesignandPen.

Thanks Again.