11 Interesting Ways to Find Unique Blog Ideas: 3 Bonus Tips Inside

Are you struggling to get unique blog ideas as a newbie blogger? Do not worry. You are not alone in this journey.

— Every pro was once a beginner and must have faced the same struggles. Usually, in the beginning, it is a bit hard to generate fresh blog ideas.

Even I faced the same struggle. After writing 4 to 5 articles, I was out of ideas and not sure what to write. With this, I used to waste a couple of days thinking about it.😒

But the reality is no one will be out of ideas. In this online world, you will find inspiration and content ideas if you search rightly for them.

As a result of my experience, I want to help beginner bloggers like you check the right places the right way for the right ideas.

This article is to give you a few tips and inspiration for fresh blog ideas so that your blogging journey is consistent.

So, keep this article as your go-to guide, and let us begin.

unique blog ideas

How to Come Up With Blog Ideas?

In the coming sections, I will share a few tips on how to find inspiration for blog posts. Then, you may use all of them to get your content unique blog ideas. Otherwise, use any few of them as per the situation you are in.

1. Research About Your Target Audience Problems

Firstly, you may start by thinking about any problems your target audience has. There are common problems in every niche.

For this reason, use your knowledge wisely to understand them and create content out of it. Here, you can think instead of researching. I am sure you will find out a few at least.

Otherwise, think about what problems you faced at the beginning of your journey as a 1st step. Thus, it will lead you to get more.

— Let me clarify with a small example. Think that your niche is about traveling and it can be solo or a family trip considering your audience.

Now, think of the problems they face or what they need before and while traveling.

  • Need a proper destination
  • Figuring out how many days and nights
  • Places to visit
  • Activities to do each day
  • Booking tickets
  • Finding Accommodation
  • Need a guide or support needed to travel locally, etc.

So, consider these common problems as a starting point for your content and categorize them into a single topic. And then, see how your content will help and solve their problems while traveling.

Further, consider my post as a sample.

— Since my niche is blogging, I came up with a problem that beginners always face, which is coming up with new blog ideas. As a result, you are seeing this post now.

Initially, with this simple process, you already have a handful of ideas which is a positive sign and a start. With this energy, let us jump into the next process.

2. Use Social Media Effectively for Ideas Gathering

So, we have a few unique blog ideas with the previous step. Now, let me tell you one more process to get more ideas.

— If you are considering blogging as a professional business, you should create separate social media profiles for this purpose. Apart from your blog, create content effectively on your social platforms too.

Similarly, I have created my social media profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter(X), and Quora and posted content about blogging topics for beginners.

As a result, you can ask your audience directly about:

  • What content they would like to see
  • Feedback about your content
  • Or any specific problem they have

With this, you can take their feedback/ideas and apply them in your blog posts. Eventually, you will gain your audience’s trust and build a strong community as you are directly engaging with them.

3. Use Other Blogging Platforms Wisely

Now, apart from social media, we have other blogging platforms like Medium, Quora, and Reddit.

Try creating accounts on these platforms too and start creating short-form content. If not, you can repurpose your long blog posts. But the idea here is to gain an online presence and audience.

Likewise, you can create content here and engage with your audience. Apart from Medium, in Quora and Reddit where people directly ask questions looking for solutions.

quora sample

So, you may actively participate and answer the questions from your niche and get unique blog ideas from there to use in your blog posts.

See the above example question from my Quora.

4. Google Autocomplete Cannot be Ignored

The next step is to use Google wisely. If you have a small topic idea and you type it in Google, it automatically gives you the rest of the sentences or suggestions that people already searched for.

Google autocomplete

In the above example, I searched for unique blog ideas. See how it is suggested for specific purposes with the year and the audience students, beginners, etc.

Thus, you will get more detailed results based on the input you are giving. Now, you may use the rest of the suggestions as keywords or if you get a different result, you can use it as a content topic for your blog.

5. Leverage People also Ask & Related Searches Section

In addition to Google autocomplete, there are other sections like People Also Ask and related searches. From there, you can get a few high-demand topics.

Let me continue the example of unique blog ideas shared above.

Now, you can compare all the results Google is trying to show you. As said earlier, you may use these as keywords or another blog topic.

people also ask

Initially, when blogging most beginners, including me, ignore these sections or may not pay much attention.

related searches

But trust me, when I figured out this small tip, I got nice keywords and many topics for my blog.

— This technique seems so silly & simple, but highly effective. I recommend it and, you should try it next time if you have not yet.

6. Learn from Your Competitors Content

So, now I will tell you an interesting way to get more unique blog ideas.

— While starting a blog, I hope you have researched well about your niche. Similarly, research your competitors and the content they are producing.

And, in every niche there will be competitors, right? Here, you try to analyze their content and understand:

  • What is working for them?
  • On what topics their blog posts are?
  • How & where can they improve? etc.

Then, you can take the ideas from their content and key learnings, and apply them to your content. But make sure you are not copy-pasting their content as it is.

7. Have 1 Main Topic, Divide into Multiple Sub Topics

Another way to get a few unique blog ideas is to divide your main topic into a few parts.

For example, consider you planned to write an article about “time management”. Now, that is a vast topic that has many angles and learnings in it. Hence, you can break down it into 4-5 sub topics like:

  • How to form habits?
  • Creating Daily Routines
  • Time-blocking methods
  • Creating to-do lists daily etc.

As a result, you will have some topics on your bucket list and need not worry about how to come up with blog ideas.

8. Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts

Now, you may not worry about the motivation to find the right ideas every time. I can understand your point trust me, I was in the same mindset as you are now.

Hence, there is one way to create content when you do not have time or enough ideas/motivation.

— That is to repurpose your old articles. Yes, try searching for articles you have published that you can repurpose into a completely new version.

Otherwise, you may create video content out of it by giving in-depth knowledge of the blog post. Also, you can incorporate it into your blog post inside a fresh article.

Or, one more way is that if you feel any topic is not addressed well in your old post, pick that as an idea and create a full-length post now.

Thus, you can maintain consistency in posting without compromising on quality. But make sure you use this technique wisely and not always.

Remember to produce fresh, relevant quality content that aligns with your goal and audience.

9. Use Comments on Your Blog & Social Media

Till now, we have seen a few tips and areas to get unique blog ideas.

But still, if you think about how to generate blog post ideas, I will share a quick hack here.

Do you remember that I have spoken about creating professional social media accounts for your blog? And I know that you will also create content there. So, use your audience engagement wisely here.

— Carefully analyze the comments section under your previous posts, you may have received comments/suggestions from your audience, counterparts, and veteran bloggers.

Then, pick some meaningful comments from your blog’s social media profiles or your blog post itself to get some topic ideas. And, if you are not getting any such, probe your readers; ask relevant questions to get their suggestions.

Thus, you can create content that aligns with your target audience for better growth and visibility.

10. Collaboration + Guest Posts with Other Bloggers

Collaborating with other bloggers in your niche is one of the best ways to promote your content and get new audiences & perspectives.

Here, you may directly collaborate with them to create a blog post. Else, you can reach out to other bloggers for guest posts.

Now, you may wonder why I have included this aspect in getting unique blog ideas. It is because if you collaborate/guest post with other bloggers, you and your content will get more exposure.

Thus, you will receive feedback/suggestions, and by using them, you can improve your content and collect ideas from them.

11. Make Use of Online Tools

Finally, apart from all the areas we have seen till now to get ideas for your blog, you can also use:

  • Google search
  • Relevant keyword research tools
  • Google Trends to get trending topics in your niche
  • Chat GPT to get ideas only

Also, in the keyword research tools, along with finding the keywords, you can identify some topic ideas.

I advise you to use the tools wisely to generate content ideas to maintain consistency throughout your blogging journey.

BONUS TIPS – Unique Blog Ideas

✋🏻Wait, this article is not over yet. It feels great that you are here with me until this part of the post.

Therefore, I would like to share a few more tips so you can put what you have learned into practice.

12. Maintain a Rough Idea Bank

I cannot stress enough on this part to maintain a rough idea bank for yourself. If you use it, you need not break your head every day for blog topic ideas.

Regularly, whenever you get an idea using the above practices, just not them down somewhere. It may be a book or Google Sheets/Excel whatever you are comfortable with.

The idea is to keep a rough draft of your ideas in a single place.

Thus, whenever you want to produce a blog post, refer to this sheet, categorize & organize your ideas to keep them article-ready.

13. You Are Your Blog Topic

This idea is my favorite way to create content if it suits your niche. Let me elaborate on it.

Make yourself a topic for your blog. It means to share your journey, experiences, and stories in your blog posts.

Trust me, stories and personal experiences resonate more with your audience and guide them on their journey from your learnings.

For example, consider your niche is blogging (like me 😊). You may use the below ideas in your blog posts instead of just creating how-to content when needed.

  • How did you start your blog?
  • What is the structure of your blog post?
  • What were the initial costs of starting your blog?
  • How did you decide your niche? Etc.

Thus, you will be yourself and able to gain your reader’s trust in the long run.

14. Bring Ideas into Action with Content Calendar

Finally, it is time to implement all these learnings. As I said above, having unique blog ideas is not enough; an action plan is also needed.

For this, categorize the ideas, organize them into a proper topic set, and prepare an order for publishing the posts.

— Based on that, sit for 1 or 2 days a month and prepare your content calendar for that month or the next two months.

With this, you can consistently produce your blogs with less effort without thinking about how to overcome writer’s block.

Final Thoughts

Awesome! We have come to an end now. The main takeaway I would like to take you from this article is, that finding unique blog ideas is not a tough task.

There is inspiration everywhere and you need to use it wisely. Thus, with consistent efforts in researching you shall produce quality content consistently.

If you want to write a blog post effectively, feel free to check my detailed blog post about it.

Happy blogging, my friend!


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