Best Paid Blogging Sites: Earn Money Doing What You Love?

Have you ever thought of the best-paid blogging sites with your love for writing that could make you money?

Well, it can! In today’s digital era, blogging has the potential to generate an income.

Imagine expressing your thoughts and getting paid for it. Awesome right?

Every one of us starts a blog to generate income. I have even started making blogging my side hustle.

But here is the reality check: Making a steady income through blogging takes time.

Patience and persistence are the keys to the journey, which is like planting a seed and waiting for the tree to grow.

So, what can you do in the meantime? Well, that is where paid blogging platforms come into play.

They are like little streams of income that can flow into your blogging journey as your main blog evolves into a revenue-generating system.

In this article, we will explore about paid blogging. It means getting paid for the blogs you write.

But wait, is that it? Well, there is a lot more to know in the coming sections. Stay tuned.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or just interested in writing and want to earn money, paid blogging can be a game-changer for anyone who understands the best ways to monetize a blog.

We will dig deep into paid blogging, how it works, and, most importantly, the platforms that will pay you for your writing.

Think of this article guide as your roadmap. So grab your favorite pen, and let us explore!

best paid blogging sites

Blogging has become more than just a hobby. It is a vast world where your words have value.

In that, paid blogging takes this a step further. Many platforms allow you to earn.

Let us talk about what makes the internet so interesting – it is all about the stuff you read, watch, and share. That is the content, my friend.

But guess what? Everyone is in a race to create the best stuff! It is like a competition where everyone wants to climb to the top and make money.

Now, imagine you are a blogger with a small team of writers. They are great, but they have their own ways of seeing things. In this massive world of information, relying only on them is not enough.

To stand out, you need more voices and more flavors. The story of paid blogging begins here.

It is like inviting other explorers to join your writing adventure. They bring their ideas and suddenly, your article becomes a mix of different cool thoughts.

Let us say, you have a cool idea for an article. You write it, and then you invite other writers to join in.

They add their sparkle and boom. Your article becomes a rainbow of thoughts.

With this, writers get paid for their words, and your blog becomes this awesome treasure chest of different ideas.

It is a win-win for both! More writers mean more perspectives, attracting more readers, and helping you stand out in the big blogging world.

This is what the most top blogging platforms do nowadays – giving writing opportunities to many of us.

In a nutshell, paid blogging is an exciting journey. Every article another writer contributes is like adding a new flavor to your ice cream.

It makes the internet a cool and colorful place. But how can you choose the right platform among all?

Now, let me tell you how you can choose and how important it is.

Criteria for Selecting a Paid Blogging Platform

Till now, we have seen how paid blogging can take our earning potential to the next level.

Also, how this opportunity is given to us by the top blogging companies, and what they do.

To make the most of this opportunity, consider some key factors below:

  1. Niche Relevance: Find a platform that aligns with what you love to write about. It is like finding the right stage for your performance.
  2. Earning Potential: Look for platforms that offer fair compensation for your efforts.
  3. Audience Reach: The wider the audience, the more exposure your words get. Aim for platforms that can amplify your voice.
  4. Flexibility: Life is unpredictable, right? Choose a platform that offers flexibility when and what you write.
  5. Payment Method: Different platforms have different payment methods. Pick one that is convenient and secure for you.

    In the next section, I will take you a step further – the best platforms that pay you for your words.

Till now, we have seen how paid blogging can take our earning potential to the next level.

Also, how this opportunity is given to us by the top blogging companies and what they do.

Whether you are into travel, tech, money matters, or anything else, a platform is waiting for you. 

Let us dive in!

1. Funds for Writers

This platform is like a helping hand for writers of all kinds, whether you have just started or have been writing for years.

It is a place that focuses on helping writers find ways to make a living from their craft. Imagine, they even guide you on where to find money for your writing!

In 2000, the founder realized how hard it is for writers to afford simple things like printer ink.

They provide a newsletter showing you places that will pay you for your writing. Hope Clark, the person behind it, is a writer too, and she understands the struggles we all face just like a mentor.

They are all about writers helping writers. Fund for Writers is a place where your words are valued!

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Freelance bloggers
  • Writing topics: Any topic – they value originality
  • Word Count:550 to 650 words
  • How They Pay: Paypal or Venmo
  • How Much They Pay: $75 for unpublished and plagiarism-free articles
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

2. Income Diary

Want to succeed online? Income Diary is your toolkit for making it big in the digital world.

The platform is a powerhouse of knowledge and guidance for aspiring web entrepreneurs.

Founded by Michael Dunlop in 2005, it started as a graphics forum and quickly evolved into a dynamic platform.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Brighton, UK, their mission is to make the web a more awesome place.

IncomeDiary is like a team of experts who share their ideas on making websites and doing cool stuff on the internet.

They invite you to be a part of this team by sharing your smart ideas or writing for them.

If you do, they give you one of their amazing products for free! How cool is that?

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Freelance Bloggers
  • Writing topics: Blogging, SEO, and marketing
  • Word Count: More than 2000 words (they value thorough and worthy articles)
  • How They Pay: You should reach out to them with a quote
  • How Much They Pay: up to $200
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

3. International Living

Are you dreaming of a better life abroad? International Living paints the picture for you.

Imagine living in a dreamy place abroad, having a fantastic life, and not spending too much money.

That is what International Living is all about. They started this awesome idea about 40 years ago and have been telling people ever since that you can live better for less in an exotic place.

They believe you deserve to know that there are amazing places around the world where life is better and costs less than you might think.

Most news we hear is about bad stuff, but International Living wants to change that.

They explore beautiful places globally and share opportunities for you to live a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life overseas.

They are a team of over 200 people exploring and keeping you updated on all the great opportunities.

Plus, they have this cool e-letter they send out daily, like a postcard from a friend, telling you about the best places to retire, travel, invest, and save money.

And they’ve got a magazine where they dive deep into the best places for retirement, earning a living, traveling, and living better overall.

If you’re serious about moving overseas, they’ve got conferences and even real estate investment tips to help you along the way.

So, they are your go-to pals for the most exciting and adventurous perspective on living the international dream.

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Content Writers
  • Writing topics: Travel and international living experiences
  • Word Count: No rigid word count, but keep your article engaging
  • How They Pay: Payment upon publication
  • How Much They Pay: No information – send your ideas to
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

4. Make a Living Writing

Do you love writing and want to make a living from it? Start at Make a Living Writing.

This is where your dreams of being a successful freelance writer come true. Imagine getting paid for doing what you love – that is what they are all about!

Since 2008, Make a Living Writing has been a hope for writers like you. They help you find those first precious clients and discover paying writing markets.

Have you ever wanted to know how to boost your writing productivity or make a living through blogging and content writing?

Meet Carol Tice, the wizard behind this magical writing hub. She is a six-figure freelancer and the brain behind this operation, on a mission to help writers like you succeed.

The accolades for Make a Living Writing keep pouring in, and it has become one of Write Life’s Top 100 Websites for Writers every year since 2015.

They are all about supporting you in your journey. And if you need some structured guidance, grab their free e-book – The Recession-Proof Freelancer.

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Content Writers
  • Writing topics: Blogging, copywriting, self-publishing articles
  • Word Count: 800 to 1200 words
  • How They Pay: Paypal
  • How Much They Pay: between $75 to $150 for guest posts
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

5. Long Reads

Are you a story lover? Longreads brings you the best tales on the web.

Longreads is your go-to destination for the most captivating long-form nonfiction stories on the web.

Imagine stepping into a world where stories are not just told but beautifully woven into narratives that stay with you.

Founded in 2009 by the amazing Mark Armstrong, Longreads is about discovering and sharing the best long-form storytelling.

They showcase personal essays, interviews, thought-provoking investigative reporting, and curated reading lists.

Longreads has been recognized for its excellence, being nominated for four National Magazine Awards and winning a Canadian National Magazine Award (Gold).

What makes Longreads even more special is that their stories are made possible by generous contributions from readers like you.

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Storytellers, essay writers
  • Writing topics: well-researched and reported essays, critical essays, and columns
  • Word Count: 2000 to 6000 words
  • How They Pay: Not disclosed
  • How Much They Pay: $500 for each essay
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.


Are you into science fiction or fantasy? SFWA is where your writer’s journey gets a quick boost.

Imagine a place where science fiction and fantasy are not just stories but a way of life. SFWA is here to make that imagination a reality.

Their mission is simple yet powerful: to uplift, advance, and support science fiction and fantasy writing, not only in the United States but across the globe.

How? By educating and enlightening the world about these genres and empowering writers.

Whether you are a seasoned author or just starting your writing journey, SFWA has something for everyone.

They have an Information Center and the renowned Writer Beware program, ensuring budding writers have the guidance and resources they need.

Joining SFWA can be a game-changer for you as a writer. It offers a sense of community and a platform to promote your work.

And it also provides essential support through grievance resolution and unexpected medical expenses.

SFWA advocates for better standards in the speculative fiction industry and ultimately supports writers.

If you are an author, artist, or industry professional, SFWA membership might be the right step for you to advance your craft and benefit from a collective strength.

7. List Verse

Love making lists? Listverse is the stage for your list-making talents.

This platform is a special website where they love lists. A list is like when you write down things in order.

They even pay you if you make a list that they like. So, it is a fun way to share what you know and get some money for it. Sounds cool, right?

List verse, the internet’s pioneer Top 10 site! Established in 2009, Listverse is all about the most captivating and rare nuggets of human knowledge, neatly packed into engaging lists.

With a six-step editorial process, each list is updated regularly by a skilled team.

With 17 pages of editorial guidelines, chosen authors follow a strict framework to craft top-notch content.

List Verse is not your average site, it has been in the spotlight, featured on major platforms like CNN, BBC, PBS, Gizmodo, and the New York Times.

The impact is immense! Our content is referenced daily by numerous publishers and online magazines, and we frequently make it to the front pages of popular social networking sites.

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Content Writers
  • Writing topics: Engaging and unique list posts
  • Word Count: No strict word counts
  • How They Pay: Not disclosed
  • How Much They Pay: $100 per article
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

8. Cracked

Do you enjoy clever humor and smart insights? is where it is at.

Cracked is a famous website that started as a part of a funny magazine from the USA made in 1958.

Now, it’s a big and popular website where you can find amusing lists and learn cool things about our culture.

It has been around for a long time and is becoming even more popular online!

Ever wonder who is behind the awesome articles and videos you see on Cracked?

It is not magic, but a fantastic team of talented individuals making it all happen.

They work tirelessly to bring you the fun, the knowledge, and the laughs.

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Content Writers/Bloggers
  • Writing topics: Entertaining and Humorous content
  • Word Count: No specific word counts
  • How They Pay: Paypal
  • How Much They Pay: $100 for full-length articles and an additional $50 if your articles make it up to the top ten
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

9. Writers Weekly

Are you a freelance writer at heart? This platform is your backstage to success.

Writers Weekly is a website where writers can gather to learn, share experiences, and discover writing gigs that pay.

It is like a hub of knowledge and opportunities for freelance writers. This platform is one of the oldest and most respected sites for freelance writing. has been a reliable and respected platform for freelance writers since 1997.

That is more than two decades of being a go-to spot for writers!

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Freelance Writers and Authors
  • Writing topics: Marketing Secrets and Author’s stories
  • Word Count: Around 600 words
  • How They Pay: Paypal
  • How Much They Pay: $60 per article
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

10. Word Candy

Are you passionate about WordPress? Word Candy turns your passion into words.

Have you ever heard of WordCandy? It is this cool place where they create all sorts of content for online businesses.

I am talking about blogs, web copy, and even user documentation. They specialize in making things shine for WordPress plugins, themes, and website design agencies.

So, if you are an online business looking to level up your content game, WordCandy is where the magic happens!

It is the perfect platform for those who enjoy words and can memorably express their ideas.

Also, if you are passionate about writing and want to make it a fulfilling profession, you will find a supportive environment there.

  • To Whom It Is Benefited: Content Writers/Bloggers
  • Writing topics: Not disclosed
  • Word Count: No specific word counts
  • How They Pay: Not disclosed
  • How Much They Pay: $0.07 per word
  • To learn more about the platform, click here.

Tips for Boosting Earnings on the Best Paid Blogging Sites

Now, the platforms are lined up, but how can you make the most out of them?

Let me share a few tips to boost your earnings and set you on the right path in the blogging world.

  1. Work Smart, Not Just Hard

Time is money, they say. Opt for assignments that pay well without demanding an unreasonable amount of your time. Remember, efficiency is the key!

  1. Guidelines are Your Friend

Read the guidelines of each platform like a pro. They often contain valuable hints on how to make your content stand out and get paid better.

Keep all the required information ahead before starting to write. In this way, you will have a better idea of what you write and how.
So, you are already a step forward compared to others.

  1. Length Matters

Some platforms pay based on the length of your content. Leverage this by focusing on creating high-quality, informative posts. If you share all the information you know in detail, then the length automatically increases.

  1. Engage, Don’t Sell

Readers love engaging content. Avoid sounding like a salesperson. Instead, focus on building connections and offering valuable information.


There we are, carrying a lot of information till the end.

Remember, paid blogging is not just a way to make a quick buck but a channel to share your thoughts, ideas, and creativity with the world.

Each platform mentioned above offers a unique opportunity. But the best results come to those who genuinely enjoy what they do.

Now, you have a few fantastic paid blogging platforms and tips to kick-start your journey.

It is time to pick up your pen, or rather, keyboard, and start writing.

Ready to craft your story and earn while doing it? Your adventure starts today!

Happy Blogging!


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